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VoTech addresses various types of system engineering challenge:

  • Top down or clean-sheet, where a completely new capability is created
  • Middle out or process improvement, where some aspects are fixed while others are open for upgrade/alteration
  • Bottom-up or reverse engineering, where the system requirements of the legacy capability must first be described before the new requirements can be addressed 


As as optional approach to the standard of “single step to full capability,” evolutionary acquisition (EA) aims at achieving an overall objective end capability through the more rapid fielding of numerous operationally useful threshold capabilities by pursuing less demanding intermediary increments or steps. VoTech is able to define the program structure implied by EA, which includes a series of separate, overlapping increments, each requiring the definition of operationally useful threshold and objective requirements, and each including formal milestone requirements mimicking a stand-alone program; and scopes the additional system engineering and nonrecurring engineering to support the progression of upgrades and technology insertion that take place within and between increments. 

Key markets for VoTech follow the natural areas of application of system engineering, those typically dealing with complexity and/or high performance, across the problem spaces outlined above:

  • Telecommunications
  • Emergency services
  • Defence

VoTech stands apart in these markets on the strength of its ability to apply fluid intelligence to strategising, engaging pattern recognition, abstract reasoning, and problem-solving skills. The fluid quality of VoTech’s approach means it can be directed to almost any problem. Most other providers will employ crystallised intelligence, which relies more on specific (domain and industry) knowledge acquired over a period of time, leading to standardised approaches.

VoTech engages with customers through several modes:

  • Secondment of engineers to customer team, under direction
  • Contracted scope of work, carrying responsibility for specific outcomes
  • System engineer role, carrying technical and management responsibility

As a specialist group, VoTech also offers training in the application of system engineering. VoTech is a member of training panels for several major organisations (Air Services Australia and Telstra), offering generic content or, more typically, tailored structure and content that has been customised for the user group within that organisation.

In servicing the defence market, VoTech has obtained accreditation for handling and storage of sensitive and classified material.