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Model Based System Engineering in play

Maurice Sikorski - Thursday, March 26, 2015

In the statement of work for the Radio Replacement Project for the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) in the state of Victoria (Australia), a multi-level maintenance regime for the new capability was described, which included:

  • At field level, supported by radio terminal Built In Test and operational and technical staff

  • At workshop or depot level, supported by test equipment

  • At supplier level, supported by the equipment manufacturer

At workshop or depot level, a screening test would be used when:

  • A terminal undergoes the pre-fire season check where they are not used regularly, e.g., cache radios

  • A terminal has been returned from the field, where testing is used to confirm that a fault exists prior to either returning a terminal to the manufacturer for repair, or returning to the field

VoTech took the above high level needs to develop a scope of testing suitable for a Radio Screening Test System (RSTS). A set of system requirements were then developed, and the solution was engineered using the model-based system engineering approach available in CORE. The solution primarily involved use of the Aeroflex RF Test Set which was already deployed by DELWP, and bespoke software to undertake test management and control functions of the Aeroflex, as well as the Terminal Under Test and associated test support items.

Functional flows were modelled in CORE, then validated in the SIM feature. An animation of the SIM is depicted below.




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