AIR5333 / Vigilare Commonwealth of Australia

AIR5333/Vigilare Commonwealth of Australia (2007-2009) – verification of GFS and GFD

VoTech was responsible for development of segment specifications in this major defence project:

  • Power and Environment
  • Virtual Air Environment (VAE)
  • Independent Radio System (IRS)

VoTech undertook system engineering management and programme oversight of DSTO Air Operations task to produce VAE Government Furnished Service (delivered early 2009). Work began with requirements development, management of software development, review of test procedures leading to management of final integration at the customer site.

VoTech undertook preliminary design of IRS solutions with various options, and managed process to CDR stage (late 2008). VoTech senior engineers led the review and redevelopment of AIR5333 Function and Performance Specification (first half 2009).

VoTech provided independent review of requirements for a flight plan data translator for third party contractor manufacture. The Commonwealth was obliged to deliver this capability to enable selected processes in AIR5333.