"A system is an interconnected set of parts that is coherently organised to behave in a way that achieves more than the parts can."

  • Systems

    VoTech is a system engineering company. There are many definitions of system emerging from academics, engineering community of practice groups and major users. A hybrid definition reads:

    “A system is an interconnected set of parts that is coherently organised to behave in a way that achieves more than the parts can.”


    A system is technology and domain agnostic. An interconnected set of parts can contain mechanical, biological, computing, business and social components. Systems can be tangible entities as well as process entities. Interconnectivity produces vulnerabilities and risks that VoTech system engineers can analyse and expose for stakeholders.


    Consequently system engineering is by nature invariably a multidisciplinary activity. VoTech System engineers leverage differing experiences and expertise, typically expressed in specialised styles of communication, and provide co-ordination and communication across the disciplines to benefit problem solving.

  • Technical

    System engineering is a technical and management process. Technical effort is needed to address analysis, synthesis and implementation tasks for the transformation of the operational need into a fit-for-purpose system. Management effort complements the technical work with planning, risk assessments, team integration, configuration control and performance monitoring. VoTech delivers both to provide satisfaction of the customer’s needs.


    VoTech embraces these concepts in the make-up of its key system engineers, comprising highly experienced individuals in the mechanical, communications, software and electronic disciplines. Specialist engineers in the fields of test planning, configuration management, integrated logistic support, and aeronautical, weapon and network engineering have been formed into projects teams by VoTech as needed.


    Furthermore, VoTech works with non-engineering contributors as part of its system engineering management role. Recent examples include close working arrangements with specialists in sector management, risk management, legal and commercial.


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